Paradox is preparing to release an official DLC for Cities: Skylines that’s filled with content from a community content creator.

Paradox is well known for it support of community created content for Cities: Skylines. Perusing the game’s Steam Workshop page reveals over 90,000 pieces of community-created content, and Paradox is about to double down on that support. The company is preparing to release a new DLC comprised completely of content from a community creator.

Titled Content Creator Pack: Art Deco, the DLC will feature original Art-Deco inspired buildings from community member Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux. Paradox will provide an initial payment to Crux to cover the cost of production, and Crux will also receive a share of the revenue from the sale of the DLC.

Speaking of the new DLC, Crux said, “After over 3,400 hours in Cities: Skylines, it’s wonderful to have my own buildings become part of the game’s landscape. Because the Art Deco era is so highly regarded as one of the best building styles of history, I think it needs to be represented as such. I made the suggestion to Paradox Interactive and they allowed me to come up with the buildings of my choice. I’m eager to see what the rest of the community thinks of them.”

The Content Creator Pack: Art Deco will be available next week, and will include six residential buildings, six commercial buildings, and three unique buildings. There’s no price announced yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear what it is soon enough.

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