New Civ V DLC Lets You Discover America All Over Again

New downloadable content for Civilization V offers two new nations, Spain and Inca, and a playable scenario that recreates Columbus’ expedition across the Atlantic.

Firaxis has been pretty quiet since the free Mongol DLC came out in late October. Perhaps that’s because the team has been working on cranking out the latest DLC, a pack that features two new nations to command together with a scenario. Unimaginatively titled Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca, the pack will be available at all “major digital distribution retailers” on Thursday, December 16th. In another odd bit of pricing (the Babylonian civ cost $5 while the Mongol pack was free), the Spain and Inca DLC will set you back $7.49.

The scenario that comes bundled allows you to play as France, England or Spain and send explorers across the sea in search of Asian riches. Given that the Incas are a playable Civ now, it’s a good chance that you will encounter them in the New World, along with Montezuma of the Aztecs and Hiawatha of the Iroquois presumably.

Spain’s leader is Isabella, and their unique unit seems to be some kind of conquistador. According to a community manager on 2K’s Civ V forums, Isabella’s unique trait is that she receives a gold bonus when discovering Natural Wonders before any other civ, and that all happiness or City State bonuses from discovering Natural Wonders is increased by 50%.

The Incan civilization is led by Pachacuti, who increased the influence of his people from present-day Bolivia to Argentina. His unique trait is called “Great Andean Road” and allows units to move into hills without a movement cost. In addition, improvements such as roads cost no maintenance when on hills and cost half when built on any other land type. The unique building is a terrace farm, which I assume will replace the granary and provide a food bonus, while Pachacuti unique unit is called a slinger. My bet is that the slinger replaces the archer, perhaps with an increased range.

All in all, the pack looks fun but I think the $7.50 price tag is pretty steep.

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