If you wondered what the guy in the ever-so-short BioWare trailer was aiming at, we’ve got the answer, and believe me, it’s not what you expect.

A leaked image from the trailer to BioWare’s mysterious new game hints that our next adventure might be a pretty bleak one. According to the source that leaked the picture – who didn’t reveal what the game was, so not to spoil it for everyone – the announcement will have hardcore BioWare fans jumping out of their seats in delight.

The image shows a first person view down what appears to be a rifle’s scope. What’s alarming about the image is that the gunman appears to be aiming at a woman running to help a child. All around the scene is twisted metal and concrete, as if some disaster has befallen a city. EA has confirmed that the image is a shot from the soon to be revealed trailer, but when asked if it would be a trailer for Mass Effect 3, the publisher declined to say one way or the other, saying that it wouldn’t “comment on rumor and speculation.”

It could be that the shooter is about to do something terrible to the poor woman, but it could also be that he’s covering her and the child in order to protect them. Going back and watching the tiny snippet of trailer that BioWare released last month – in which an injured soldier takes aim at something off camera with a rifle – the shooter could even be looking for whatever destroyed the transport he was in, as the wound on his leg looks fresh, suggesting that whatever caused it is still close by. Unfortunately, with so little to go on we could speculate for weeks and still not get it right.

The big reveal comes at the Spike Videogame awards on December 11th. I must admit that I’m hoping it’s not Mass Effect 3, not because I don’t want to play it, but rather because having so much build-up for a game that everyone knows is coming seems a waste. The game does appear to be futuristic in tone however, so it could be ME3, but it could also be a game set elsewhere in the Mass Effect universe – and there’s plenty of universe to go around – or even something new entirely.

Source: CVG

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