The latest trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 features more buttcracks than an international plumbing convention.

At this point, playing DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme for the volleyball (seriously, I know people who do this) is kind of like buying an icecream just for the cone. A cone definitely constitutes part of the transaction, yes, but let’s not pretend that’s why we’re at this hypothetical ice cream shop. At 3am. In our underwear.

So yes, Xtreme 3 features a lot of lady flesh, and judging by this most recent trailer, a great deal of effort has been put into making said flesh jiggle and bounce with some degree of realism as the game’s various girls do various non-volleyball-related things, including; sleeping on a bed, sleeping on a sunlounger, sitting around staring into space, vigorously scrubbing the lower half of a giant golden statue, etc. No wonder they’re so shit at Volleyball. Their training regimen is rubbish.

On a more serious note, the trailer actually shows off some of the features of the new “owner mode,” which adds a little more structure to the game by letting you play as the owner of Zack island. As owner, you’ll have to work hard to keep the girls “satisfied” and supplied with a constant stream of skimpy underwear. Satisfy them enough and you’ll unlock bonus items and get the opportunity to peek on them while they change clothes. You know, typical management stuff.

Those of you following the game will no doubt be aware that DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 will not be getting an official release in the west. That being said, the Asia release will have full English subtitles and can be imported with little difficulty.

The game launches March 24th for PS4 and Vita.

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