Bethesda has made some updates to the Fallout 3 website, including new languages and a new diary by Lead Artist Istvan Pely discussing the design and development of the Pip-Boy Model 3000.

The diary includes both an in-depth look at the creation of the Pip-Boy that will be used in the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG, as well as art showing the evolution of the design from concept to final model. “We went through pages and pages of drawings,” Pely wrote, “iterating every little detail, in order to lock onto something that looked interesting and also seemed plausible from a realism point-of-view.”

“The biggest creative battle fought was to keep the Pip-Boy’s screen monochrome, as adding a dash of color was often an easy solution to a usability problem,” he added. “But color in UI design is often a crutch and not to be relied upon, plus it would have disrupted the purity of the concept. We found ways around it, often forcing us to improve the layouts in the end.” Other small touches designed to enhance the immersive qualities of the new Pip-Boy model include a slight screen flicker, loss of vertical hold when switching display modes and a grimy, age-worn look appropriate for the Fallout world.

Bethesda has also added new languages to the Fallout 3 website, with content including the latest diary now offered in French, Italian, German and Spanish. The latest addition to the ongoing Fallout 3 development diary, as well as the ongoing Design A Perk Content, are available at the Fallout 3 website.

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