Dreams PSVR support in the box update July Media Molecule PlayStation VR

Media Molecule has announced that PlayStation VR (PSVR) support will be coming to game creation platform Dreams. The game’s free “Inside the Box” expansion will allow players to access new tutorials and kits for creations that have PSVR compatibility.

In the game’s Create mode, those who have PlayStation Move Controllers will have a simple hands-on experience when it comes to creating their projects. The process is designed to be a one-to-one experience to maximize immersion. Additionally, players can create VR content without being in PSVR themselves, as everyone will be receiving the update. A suite of accessibility features will also be introduced, such as comfort mode, vignette strength, and static sky.

The team over at Media Molecule has already created some pre-planned VR content for other players to try out and hopefully be inspired by. One creation is called Box Blaster, a sharpshooting game where players can test their skill and precision. Helpful tags will also be included so that players can differentiate what is playable in VR and what is not, as well as user-generated content ratings to provide feedback on the “comfort rating” of games as VR experiences.

Dreams is currently available exclusively for PlayStation 4, and the Inside the Box expansion will be available on July 22.

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