Japan’s Ethics Organization for Computer Software has sent a fax to its members detailing about what will and will not be allowed under the new regulations banning rape games in the country.

The “main points” of the confidential fax were leaked to Canned Dogs, which has been following (and, more importantly, translating) the story since it began. According to the leaked information, EOCS members will now have to work with the following restrictions:

  • Words such as “training” (調教) or “slave”, among others, are not allowed in the title or packaging
  • HCG (Hentai computer graphics) involving sexual violation cannot exceed 20% of a game’s total HCG count (ie: can’t try to build this up by having lots of everyday life CG events)
  • Even if it’s below 20%, anything that is promoting a criminal offense is not allowed
  • Anything that promotes rape, confinement, stalking, domestic violence and portrays it in a way that the offender gains something out of it is not allowed
  • New games that have already passed the review process by the EOCS are considered “safe” from this

Some game makers were apparently unhappy with the fact that the regulations are “completely different” than what was on the table at the EOCS meeting originally called to discuss the matter and that they came into effect almost immediately, leaving them little time to react. Questions appear to remain unanswered, however, as at least one site says the EOCS is planning a “gradual change” in the new requirements and it has also been suggested that some companies will simply drop their membership in the EOCS and continue developing their games unhindered.

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