New Fable II DLC Coming In May


See the Future, the next downloadable expansion for Fable II, will feature new quests, items, and something much more important: new breeds for your dog.

Available in May for 560 Microsoft Points, See the Future sets your hero on a new quest to “lift the curses placed on three mysterious items” in the possession of Murgo, that creepy guy who sold you the magic box that set the events of Fable II in motion.

Somewhere along the way, you’ll be faced with yet another choice that’ll determine the face of Albion, and whether or not you save the world or let things go to the dump’ll have serious ramifications. Succeed in your goals, and you’ll be gifted with “the ultimate reward: “a quest that provides a vision of Albion’s future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline.”

So far Lionhead has revealed two quests: one in which you have to travel into a town inside a snowglobe to rescue its inhabitants from snowy perdition, and another that finds you assisting a cursed knight, a task that will somehow require you to dress up as a Hobbe.

There will also be a new area called The Colosseum which sounds like a combat arena where you’ll have to compete in killing fests to “win the ultimate in prizes.”

Who needs to kill for prizes when there are plenty of nifty gifts available in the rest of the DLC, though? Murgo should have plenty of things to sell, including a potion that changes your dog’s breed. There will also be new hairstyles, clothing, “psycho Jester make-up” (here come a thousand Dark Knight interrogation scene reenactments) and more. Most of the new items will be available in the free version of See the Future, but everything else that counts will only come as part of the premium paid edition. The content will be released in May.

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