New Hawken Gameplay Trailer Will Rock[en] Your Socks[en]


The latest Hawken gameplay trailer somehow manages to make the upcoming multiplayer mech game look better than ever.

The general consensus is that Hawken looks fantastic. But Hawken has looked incredible since early 2011, so how is it that it somehow looks better with every new trailer? Some kind of dark techno-magic, perhaps, although I suppose it might also just be part of the normal iterative process of game development. Whatever the reason, this new gameplay trailer has me seriously anxious to get behind the wheel and tear it up in a grimy, smog-choked post-industrial hellscape.

It still looks a little faster-paced than I generally prefer my mech games, but to be fair I haven’t really been in a cockpit since Ghost Bear’s Legacy, and I imagine any reservations I have now will fade away quickly once the fur starts to fly. The visual style is fantastic, it sounds great and while the game world probably won’t be overly deep, it looks nothing short of brilliant.

The free-to-play PC mech shooter Hawken is set to go live on December 12, but you can sign up for the beta now at

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