Eidos and IO Interactive are working on a new game in the Hitman series, Eidos has confirmed.

Fans of bald-headed killers and open-ended action game scenarios can rest easy. Eidos has not forgotten about your favorite franchise even as it announces the resurrection of that other classic series. Hitman is alive and well, with a new game currently in the works.

“It’s being worked on, but there’s been no announcement on the release date yet,” Eidos “life president” Ian Livingstone told Gaming Indians in an interview. “We haven’t even announced the game yet, so everything you hear about the next Hitman game is purely speculation at this point.”

Development’s not being farmed out to some random studio, either, with original Hitman creators IO Interactive working on the project alongside a couple others. “Yes, it’s IO Interactive,” Livingstone said. “They’re making Hitman, Kane and Lynch and also Mini Ninjas; all at the same studio.”

So does Eidos recent takeover by Japanese giant Square-Enix mean that Agent 47 is suddenly going to grow blonde-spiky hair and spend ten minutes charging up his power before taking out his targets? According to Livingstone, the Squeenix deal means that Eidos has some financial footing, and at the same time, “we’re independent, so they’re not just looking to take our IP back to Japan.” Square-Enix, he says, don’t want to influence the talent they’ve acquired, IO Interactive included, but “make us even better.”

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