Hideo Kojima’s latest interview with Famitsu reveals some very vague details on the upcoming new Metal Gear game

Don’t get your hopes up too high, the translation is rough at best, as huge portions of the article have been censored by Famitsu at Kojima’s request. While there are very few big reveals in the article, some rough details emerged regarding the game’s characters, including the aforementioned guy who may or may not be Big Boss. The article mentioned the Big Boss-like character’s hat and the new symbol on it, with Kojima suggesting that:

“The emblem on this guy’s hat is important. It’s not only an emblem, but for the game, it will be a new type of system.”

The symbol looks like a global map of sorts in the shape of a skull with the words “(something) Sans Frontieres”, or “(something) Without Borders” written on edge of the patch. How this will relate to gameplay is anyone’s guess, though it seems fair to assume the game will be taking place on a global scale instead of one or two individual locales. The total lack of any FOXHOUND insignias also suggests the game might be taking place in a different, or multiple timeframes.

Trying to extract hard details from the article is difficult because of the heavy censoring, but Kojima does seem to mention that the game is designed to appeal heavily to the Japanese gamer:

“I think the game is gonna (sell well) mainly in Japan, but it’s going to have a world wide release. To me it’s “xxxx”. I can’t call this “x”, but we are putting a lot of work into the story, also it’s being made by the MGS4 staff.”

Kojima is ruthlessly teasing his fans with the recent flood of ultra vague Metal Gear info, but this “interview” might be the vaguest yet, just begging for speculation and guessing. I’m betting on this scenario: Big Boss senior joins Doctors Without Borders in order to help better the world after all the violence he has caused, but realizes if he truly wants to change the course of history and defeat the La-Le-Lu-Li-Lo, he must go back in time and alter the Metal Gear history by assassinating James Knox Polk as a child. Your turn.

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