Feast your eyes on the newest trailer – called “Infamy” – for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, also known as the reason every other game is getting pushed back to 2010. (Warning: Spoilers!)


We were promised a trailer for the weekend, and boy did Infinity Ward ever deliver. My first thought as I started watching the above trailer: “Sweet Baby Jesus, that game looks pretty.” My second thought, as the trailer neared the ending: “Oh, so that’s how they’re planning on beating ‘Shock and Awe'” – that is, the famous nuke sequence from the first Modern Warfare.

To sum things up, this trailer features an unnamed speaker posing the hypothetical question to (we’re assuming) American forces: What if the battle were on your own homeland? It might be an unthinkable outcome in a post-Cold War world, but is it really impossible? The trailer goes on to show this exact “unthinkable” scenario, depicting what is obviously a wartorn Washington D.C. complete with bombed-out White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Monument.

So it appears that in addition to flying all across the globe in search of foreign enemies to dispatch with extreme prejudice, the American soldiers will be dealing with a war at home. We already know that the Brits will be returning from CoD4, but the idea of a battlefield within America’s borders raises some questions about what their involvement will be – will Soap McTavish and the others join the fight in the USA, or will they still be traipsing around the world dealing with the more international aspects of the conflict?

Sure, MW2‘s existence means that (almost) every other major title is being pushed back to the beginning of next year, but it just might be worth it after all.

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