Bigfoot Networks introduces the Killer NIC, offering gamers “superior speed and performance in their online games”

Gamers know the more CPU cycles that can be devoted to the game, the better the games will perform. While GPUs are dedicated to prossessing graphics, the Network Processing Unit will be dedicated to processing the network portions of online games.

Unlike other recent gaming hardware products, the Killer NIC does not require game integration. The result for gamers is they can achieve better ping times and experience more Frames Per Second (FPS) while they play games online – even on high-end gaming PCs with top-of-line graphics cards and other peripherals.

“Killer delivers better Ping times and allows the computer’s CPU to be able to focus on making the game run fast and smooth, even during the most intense action, which can often be the difference between winning and losing,” says Harlan Beverly, CEO of Bigfoot Networks. “Killer goes way beyond just offloading the network processing. Its designed specifically for online video games, which means it handles gaming data in faster and more responsive ways so gamers can experience lower Pings and have a real advantage in online games.”

Tech specs are:
– 10/100/1000 PCI Network Card
– 400 MHz Network Processing Unit
– 64MB RAM
– Full NIC functionality
– USB 2.0 Port

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