New Overlord Game Teased By Codemasters

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“Evil always finds a way.”

British publisher Codemasters has released a video today, teasing a new entry in the Overlord series. While the video primarily focuses on bringing people up to speed on the events of the games to date, it does state that the new title will feature not one, but four Overlords. Very brief flashes of gameplay show the four characters moving through an environment from a top-down perspective, indicating that the title will feature cooperative multiplayer instead of the single-player focus in prior games.

That’s a big shift, and a curious one in light of the series’ traditional gameplay focus on a combination of action and horde maintenance, in which players command a legion of differently talented minions to solve puzzles and overwhelm enemies. How these core elements might find their way into this new game design remains to be seen, but it would be a real shame if the minions are pushed to the wayside.

Tweets from Rhianna Pratchett, the fantasy author chiefly responsible for the writing in all prior Overlord games, suggest that she is likely to be involved in the new title as well.

Another detail worth noting is that Codemasters, which has published all prior Overlord games, will also be acting as the developer for this new title, marking the fist entry to be developed in-house. The original Overlord and its sequel, Overlord II, were created by Triumph Games, while Overlord: Dark Legend and Overlord: Minions were handled by Climax Studios.

A larger announcement with more details regarding the game is scheduled for tomorrow, April 23.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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