A new trailer for Pokémon Black & White has unveiled eight new Pokémon and the addition of triple battles to the franchise – and the game now has a release date, too.

Information about the upcoming fifth generation in the incredibly popular Pokémon games has been steadily leaking out since the games were first announced in April.

This latest trailer revealed yesterday on Pokémon Sunday shows off a heap of new Pokémon B&W goodies: namely, eight new Pokémon, three-on-three battles, and a Japanese release date of September 18th.

Triple battles are a first for the series, with two-on-two double battles having previously been introduced in the third generation with Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. Judging by the video, moves like Surf will still hit the entire field, so this just means you’ll have to be extra careful in these fights – and double battles are tricky enough already!

We also see a character who may well be the new rival (the green-haired trainer with the baseball cap), and get a look at the new battle presentation. From the admittedly little bit we get to see of the battles, they look a lot more dynamic than in previous versions – the Pokémon themselves have idle animations, and the camera zooms out and in alongside attacks.

It’s still the same strategic turn-based combat we know and love, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but at least now it looks much more exciting.

(VG Tribune)

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