New Prince of Persia Movie is “Kind of” Like Shakespeare


The upcoming Prince of Persia movie’s narrative is much like that of a Shakespearean play, says prodcuer Jerry Bruckheimer.

One wouldn’t normally equate a film based on a videogame with the work of The Bard, but that’s not about to stop Bruckheimer, who produces a number of well-known television shows and movies like CSI and Pirates of the Carribean.

“…It’s kind of a Shakespearean story we tell about these three brothers. One grew up on the streets and gets adopted by the king because in those days, when you had sons, they were inclined to assassinate the father to become king,” Prince of Persia producer Jerry Bruckheimer said. “By having this kid who could never be king in the palace, he was always protected. If the father died, they’d throw him out. That’s the kind of Shakespearean part of our story,” Bruckheimer said.

Prince of Persia has spent six years in production, which allowed ample time to screen it and tweak it to work for the audience. The fact that Prince of Persia is an ongoing series with a number of different storylines helped as well, keeping the series fresh but not tying the studio to one narrative. Although game-based movies have failed in the past, Bruckheimer says, he is confident in Prince of Persia, saying it couldn’t be any harder to make a movie based on a game than a movie based on a ride, like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Right, how hard could it really be? I mean, you just have to look at all the other really awesome movies based on videogames to know that it’s a breeze, right?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is due out May 28, so we will soon know if it can break the “bad videogame movie” cycle.

Source: Gamasutra


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