New Professor Layton is a Multiplayer, Smartphone-Exclusive Title


Layton 7 is a take on the classic social tabletop game: Werewolf.

Level-5 has finally given some more info on its upcoming Professor Layton title, and… it’s not quite what we were expecting. Rather than the singleplayer, story-driven puzzle RPGs that Layton fans expect, Layton 7 is instead a multiplayer-focused smartphone exclusive affair. It’s a take on the classic Werewolf party game (recently popularized by One Night Ultimate Werewolf) in which seven participants try to deduce who the one secret werewolf among their group is.

CEO Akihiro Hino describes Layton 7 as “a game that brings the world of the Professor Layton series together with smartphones, with a new way to play.” Each of the seven players will take on the role of one of the series characters, along with specific roles that are known only to them.

The in-game footage to the right is in Japanese, but shows how an average round plays out. Essentially, the non-vampires need to find out who the Vampire is, by communicating with the other players using keywords. Keywords in the game will be used to accuse and be accused by others of being the Vampire.

The game is split into two phases – a night phase where villagers and vampires can use their special abilities to influence the game – and a day phase where accusations, bluffs, and deceit fly among the players.

It’s certainly a very interesting take on Layton, and if actually localized would make for a fun party game. It will release this summer in Japan for iPhones and Android devices.

Source: Siliconera

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