The latest firmware update for Sony’s handheld brings direct downloads of games and goodies to the PSP.

In a post on the SCEA blog this week, PlayStation Network Operations director Eric Lempel discussed forthcoming firmware updates for both the PSP (v5.00) and the PS3 (v2.50).

While the PSP will receive a number of minor changes, including a sleep timer option while playing music, a full screen keyboard option for text entry, and a redesigned XMB background, players will also soon be able to log on to the PSN store via a Wi-Fi network to purchase and download games and other content directly from their PSPs.

Enhancements to the PS3 include support for Sony’s upcoming Bluetooth headset (soon to be available bundled with SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs), changes to the trophy interface, improved power saving settings, a function to turn the PS3 off after a background download or content installation is complete, and the ability to take in-game screenshots, among several other upgrades. A full rundown can be viewed here.

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