Bethesda claims that help is on the way to the thousands affected by severe Skyrim gameplay issues on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

While it’s clear that many, many, gamers out there are currently enjoying the thrills of dragon bashing in Skyrim, it’s no secret that the game suffers from a few major issues affecting users more harshly than Bethesda’s usual potpourri of noisome (but often hysterical) bugs. Even though the company was quick to promise near-future solutions, that doesn’t mean anything to the gamer who’s suffering thorough terrible textures and play lag until these problems are actually fixed. Well, according to Bethesda, they have been, and we’ll all be enjoying something closer to the intended Skyrim experience beginning November 28th.

The two largest problems being widely reported are texture scaling issues on Xbox and the PS3’s terrible, snowballing lag. 360 users who installed the game have reportedly been bombarded with textures that scale down, but not back up again. Basically, that translates into some pretty grisly images for a game designed to be aesthetically consistent and immersive. PS3 users haven’t shared the same glitch, but instead have been experiencing frightfully choppy lag, which in some cases can make the game damn near unplayable. According to Bethesda, the issue plagues gamers when their collective game saves reach a certain data threshold.

No matter which console you chose to play Skyrim on, I think we can all agree that nothing takes you out of a meticulously crafted game world faster than suddenly seeing a tree that looks like it belongs in Minecraft, or trying to skewer a stuttering group of Skeevers teleporting around a cave at your face.

A full detailed list has yet to be announced, but Bethesda PR man Pete Hines has confirmed that at the very least, this patch will definitely address “long-term play on PS3,” referring to the fact that the longer one plays, the worse the lag gets. He’s also assured players that while the patch will be major, no save games or created characters will be affected.

As someone affected by the PS3 glitch, I’ll admit: It really sucks to be enjoying a game and suddenly get slammed with major performance issues. Still, most people seem to be enjoying the game nonetheless. At times like these, perhaps it’s best to just be patient, and take a moment to appreciate that we game in an age where developers can remotely fix large problems like this at all.

Source: Eurogamer

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