I’m still not convinced that Sonic Generations is going to be a good game, but Sega sure knows how to mine my childhood for cheap affection.

For those of you coming in late, Sonic Generations is an upcoming Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 title that teams old-school, Genesis-era Sonic with his more recent (read: depressing lame) iteration. The game itself is said to feature both 2D-style Sonic gameplay as well as the more recent (read: depressingly lame) 3D-style Sonic gameplay.

Perhaps realizing that the entire profession of “games journalism” is built on cynical Sega kids just biding time until we can rail against any company audacious enough to question our precious nostalgia, Sega has offered a new trailer for the game that focuses almost entirely on highlighting Generations’ copious call-backs to Sonic’s earlier adventures.

To be blunt, I’m just too jaded at this point to generate any kind of premature excitement for a new Sonic The Hedgehog game. I’ve seen too many giant purple cats and gun-toting ‘hogs to blindly trust that Sega won’t ruin this whole thing in the name of appeasing some theoretical audience that certainly doesn’t include anyone I know.

Sega, you’ve hurt me too many times in the past. I want to love you baby, but you’re going to have to work to win back my trust. This trailer is a good start, but how do I know that you won’t get drunk and turn Generations into a 3D fighter starring that car from Daytona USA?

Don’t look at me like that. You’ve done it before.

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