New The Walking Dead Game Features More Shooting, Less Talking


Overkill Studio swaps out cops for zombies in the upcoming co-op shooter.

Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Walking Dead adventure games have been so successful that they almost eclipse the TV show and comics, at least in the eyes of gamers. Sure, there was that Survival Instincts shooter, but everyone forgot about that for a very good reason. If you want less talk and more action with your walkers, you’re in luck. Payday dev Overkill, along with Starbreeze Studios, are scheming up a new Walking Dead game that’s all about co-op action.

Confusingly called The Walking Dead (just like every other incarnation of the license), it’ll be “a co-op first person shooter with elements of action, role-playing, survival horror and stealth”. That sounds an awful lot like what Overkill already does with Payday. That’s ok, because Payday 2‘s pretty good. We’ll have to wait to see how the two franchises will differ when more details get released, but I assume it won’t involve robbing banks.

As part of the announcement, Overkill’s giving all Payday 2 players a barbed wire-covered baseball bat that they can use to smash in the skulls of law enforcement officers just doing their job. It also teased “unprecedented crossovers” between the two games. “When Washington falls, what will Dallas do?”, the announcement asks, referring to the masked bank robber.

I always felt that Payday was Left 4 Dead but with cops, and now Overkill’s The Walking Dead bring things full circle again. But when you think about it, raiding cities for supplies and dealing with bandits and walkers sounds like a pretty good heist game to me.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead will release sometime in 2016, with no platforms announced at this time.

Source: Overkill

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