Oh New York, New York.
It’s a heck of a town, but
likes traffic haikus.

New York DOT
introduces traffic signs
that use poetry.

Signs have colorful
artwork and helpful haikus
on traffic safety.
The DOT hopes
these “Curbside Haikus” will help
prevent accidents.

Written by poet
John Morse, each sign draws notice
to common problems

Cyclists, drivers and
pedestrians have on streets.
Here’s an example:

“A sudden car door,
Cyclist’s story rewritten.
Fractured narrative”

Reminds drivers to
be careful when exiting
their cars near bike lanes.

Two hundred sixteen
of the signs will go up in
high-risk areas.

They will be displayed
until next fall. Each also
has a QR code

So smartphone users
can get more information
on safe commuting.

Source: Gothamist

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