The New Mutants trailer 2020 April release Josh Boone

The New Mutants is in such a weird spot. Trailers for it started cropping up years ago when Fox was planning to release it in 2018, but then that whole Disney buyout thing happened and it got delayed… a lot. Disney, who was reportedly not too keen on the film, has finally set a date for it to land, and with it comes a brand new trailer with plenty of new content to look at while basically playing the same beats as previous trailers. It’s as if they hope we’ve forgotten the film existed so they’re going to pretend it’s just brand new.

A tweet stating “Out with the old” is slightly ironic considering the fact that this is probably the only time we’ll see any New Mutant action for a long while, and whatever we see from them in the future won’t be this iteration. In fact, Disney probably considers this film “the old” considering it is the final vestige from the Fox acquisition. Either the New Mutants social team is playing 4D chess with this slogan, or they’re just not that clever.

As is very obvious from the trailer, the movie is a horror film first and a superhero movie second, though not even this genre-bending seems to be able to keep a giant light beam monster from the sky out of the conclusion of the film if those last few shots are any indication. Still, it’s a welcome twist that sees a group of young mutants locked away in what appears to be a school like the one Charles Xavier runs but turns out to be something far worse. They must band together to escape the evil that pursues them.

The New Mutants will release on April 3. It stars Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, and Alice Braga.

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