Ubisoft announced today at the Las Vegas CES that some of its upcoming releases will support Philips new amBX environmental technology.

GamesIndustry has reported that the company showed the technology at work with Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and Far Cry 2, both of which are now slated to ship sometime after April 2008. “Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and Far Cry 2 are titles that will showcase just how powerful and in your face amBX effects can be in a war game,” said amBX COO Jo Cooke. “This is just the start of our alliance between amBX and Ubisoft and the level of our comarketing with Ubisoft will underline our dedication to bringing all-new ambient effects to world class games.”

“Working with one of the world’s largest publishers on two of the most successful gaming franchises of all time is an amazing opportunity for our amBX technology to really shine in front of a worldwide audience,” she added.

amBX, short for “ambient experiences,” uses a combination of colored lights, sound and moving air to create a more immersive experience for gamers. Philips recently offered a patch to support the technology in Quake 4, after a demonstration at this year’s QuakeCon was given an “overwhelmingly positive” response. Other companies that have licensed the technology include Codemasters, THQ and Gearbox.

Philips also said that while amBX is currently only available for PCs, announcements regarding console support would be coming soon.

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