“Next Gen” Doom Game Hits iPhone Next Week


Doom Resurrection, a FPS that uses Doom 3 assets and takes place during that game, will arrive on Apple’s iPhone next week, and promises to deliver what some are calling the first “next-generation” titles on the platform.

If you thought Wolfenstein 3D and Doom on iPhone were proof enough of John Carmack’s love for Apple’s popular device, you haven’t seen Doom Resurrection yet. Developed by Escalation Studios and Carmack himself, the title isn’t a remake or a port, but an original game built from Doom 3 assets.

Judging from the screens and trailer, it’s definitely one of the most technically impressive games on the iPhone yet. No, it doesn’t look exactly like Doom 3, despite all those familiar character models – all the Doom 3 textures have been “downsampled.” So I don’t know about VentureBeat calling it one of the first true “next gen” iPhone games, but it does look more like a genuine game than your everyday iPhone throwaway novelty.

Resurrection boasts eight levels and five hours of gameplay. Carmack saiys that the game runs at 30 frames per second on the newest iPod Touch and maybe 15 fps on earlier iPhone models (ugh). “If you look at it in raw hardware horsepower, the iPhone should be better in performance than the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable,” Carmack said. “But the truth is, you can’t exploit it all because of software inefficiencies.”

The game takes place during the events of Doom 3, with your character trapped on a different part of the demon-infested space station. All Doom 3 weapons and enemies appear in the game, making it sound like something of a Diet Doom 3 that you can take on the go. It’ll be available next week, though no info about pricing has been revealed.

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