Rumors of another mystery instrument being added to Guitar Hero: World Tour are partially correct, as it has been revealed that PC owners can import MIDI tracks into the game’s music mixer mode.

Neversoft project director Brian Bright explained that his previous comments about an editing tool specifically for the music maker in World Tour were misconstrued into rumors for another instrument in the game. In reality, Bright revealed to Shacknews that PC users can import MIDI music files into the game and edit them in the music studio to become playable songs.

“We have full, basically, computer editing control, at least on the PS3, through the music studio,” he stated while noting that due to hardware issues, the Xbox 360 sequencer is only compatible with drums. “And that’s where I was going when I said that [about a new instrument].”

Bright continued, “If you really want to compose on your PC, obviously you’re going to use the samples in-game, but if you really want to compose on PC or turn your band’s MIDI… into a GH Tunes song, you can do that. You can press play on the computer, and if you have it connected through MIDI, you can record into the music studio.”

The process for completely customizing songs from a computer won’t be easy. Bright says “it’s going to take an FAQ on the Guitar Hero site–it’s not something that your average user is gonna do. If you’re a musician or you do any sequencing, it really just makes the pathway to getting your songs in the game that much easier–once you get it down. We just really want to give people enough tools to be able to make good music.”

These user-created songs will most likely be distributed online through Guitar Hero‘s music sharing services, complimenting the existing 80-plus track list while allowing upcoming New Jersey rockers a faster road to stardom.

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