Ninendo 3DS Video Service Now Available


The new video service on Nintendo’s 3DS brings out a selection of free 2D and 3D videos.

The new video service for the 3DS has launched in the United States. 3DS owners will now have the option to scroll through a selection of free 2D and 3D short films, movie trailers and music videos.

Currently the service only offers a trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie along with a short called Dinosaur Office. However in the coming weeks the video service should expand to a serviceable amount. 3DS owners will be able to choose from all types of video entertainment from music videos featuring groups such as OK Go and Blue Man Group to CollegeHumor shorts, action and animation videos from independent studios, and of course an amplified amount of upcoming movie trailers.

The service is already gaining quite a bit of attention. Even managing to come out on top when compared to Netflix streaming of OK Go’s music video release “White Knuckles”. Netflix’s service launched last week, but if you’re bucking at the service’s recent price hike, you’ve now got a different option for videos on your 3DS. The music group OK Go even made plans to launch a new music video entirely in 3D exclusively for the new Nintendo video service. I personally look forward in seeing how some of these extremely creative groups incorporate 3D in their coming videos.

Source: Gamasutra

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