It’s a tough time for the videogame industry right now, and Nintendo UK Boss David Yarnton says that his company is not exempt.

It’s no mystery that the Wii and DS have sold exceptionally well; the Wii’s install base is larger than its rivals by tens of millions of units, and the DS is the second best selling console of all time, after the PS2. But speaking on BBC Radio 4, Yarnton admitted that sales of the two platforms had declined recently.

Yarnton said the whole industry was experiencing some difficulties at the moment and blamed it, at least in part, on the recession: “We’ve had very good years,” he said. “We’re not recession proof. We’ve probably as an industry been better than other industries.”

He denied that interest in the Wii and DS has peaked however, saying that there was still plenty of opportunity for the product and that they were tapping into demographics that didn’t normally play games. He also said that Nintendo had innovative hardware in the pipeline with the 3DS, and that the Wii had yet to be “fully harnessed” and had games coming that would wow people when they saw them.

Source: Eurogamer

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