Nintendo Announces 3DS Release Date Announcement Date


No, we don’t know how much the 3DS will cost or when it will be released – but now we know when we’re going to know.

The 3DS looks nice. The 3DS looks really nice, and everyone from Shigeru Miyamoto to your mother knows it. But while the feature list continues to impress everyone from Warren Spector and the EA COO to some of the top Japanese developers, there are two crucial pieces to the puzzle that could make or break the whole thing: How much is it, and when is it coming out?

The answer? We don’t know, but we will know on September 29th. Nintendo of Japan told Bloomberg Japan that the 29th was the day it was planning to hold an event to discuss “launch timings, price and shipment details,” reports VG247. Given that the Tokyo Game Show wraps up on September 19th, it’s a safe bet that 3DS buzz will be higher than ever thanks to whatever Nintendo et al plan to show on the TGS floor.

Analysts have pegged the handheld as entering the market at $250, and a Nintendo UK rep said that the 3DS was “going to fit” with current DS pricing. Given that the DSi XL is currently retailing for $180, $250 seems on the upper end of things, but not completely out of line with the price tags on its lesser DS brethren.

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime previously said that the 3DS would be hitting North America in early 2011. We’ll know whether or not he was telling the truth – and how on point the analysts are – at the end of September.

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