Samus and Mario make a blast from the past with two classic Game Boy titles.

Gamers who believe that the 3DS library needs more quality titles are about to get a shot in the arm. Super Mario Land 2 and Metroid 2, two hit titles for the original Game Boy, will grace the system’s eShop in the fourth quarter of 2011. So far, the games have only been confirmed for the European market.

The two games in questions are good choices for a re-release. Not only do both titles hold up remarkably well, but many younger gamers never got the chance to play them the first time around. Since no DS system can play original Game Boy games, this release represents the first time that modern gamers can experience these titles without having to track down used equipment. The games are a fitting choice for each series, according to the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK). The original Super Mario Land was an eShop launch title, and Metroid’s 25th anniversary was earlier this month.

For those who missed the games the first time around, Super Mario Land 2 pits Mario against nemesis Wario (for the first time) and challenges him to collect six golden coins to save Mario Land. Metroid 2 is a pivotal part of the Metroid series, as it details Samus Aran’s quest to eradicate every last Metroid following the events of the original game.

The first game in each series is already available for download through the eShop and Wii Virtual Console, respectively.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine (UK)

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