Nintendo Cereal Sells for Big Money


Slap the name Nintendo on anything, even cereal, and someone will want to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

A collector, or someone very hungry for Nintendo, has purchased a box of classic Nintendo cereal for $207.50 through eBay. Despite being 22 years old, the box is unopened, increasing its value. The product was the result of a team-up between Nintendo and Ralston Cereals, also the creator of Cookie Crisp, the most healthy breakfast you could eat that was really just a bowl of cookies.

Nintendo’s foray into breakfast food was marketed almost as a videogame system itself, dubbed the Nintendo Cereal System. The box was divided between two different kinds of cereal, one called the Super Mario Bros Action Series and the other The Legend of Zelda Adventure Series. The Super Mario Bros side was “fruity” flavored and included Marios, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bowsers, and mushrooms. The Legend of Zelda Adventure Series was “berry” flavored and made up of Links, hearts, keys, boomerangs, and shields. None of the crunchy cereal pieces actually looked much like their videogame counterparts, but I guess it didn’t really matter to kids that loved Nintendo so much they wanted to ingest it.

The seller made sure to put a disclaimer in his auction stating: “ONLY ONE DISCLAIMER IT WOULD NOT BE WISE TO EAT THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOX EVEN THOUGH I NO YOU WILL WANT TO. I THOUGHT ABOUT IT MENY TIMES MY SELF.” From this statement, we can only assume he/she knows from experience.

The Nintendo Cereal System is an entertaining blip in videogame history, though its true claim to fame comes from the associated advertising campaign. The song developed for its television ad is easily one of the catchiest in history, where kids exclaim: “Nintendo, it’s for breakfast now! Nintendo, it’s a cereal wow!” Just watch for yourself:

(Via: Kotaku)

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