A Nintendo representative has explained why the Paper Mario commercial lawsuit was dismissed.

Only a couple of days after the filings for a recently dismissed lawsuit against Nintendo were found, the publisher has explained the cause for the case’s quick closure.

Weeks ago, film studio Morgan Creek Productions sued Nintendo of America for using a song track from the film True Romance without permission, infringing on the copyright. As it turns out, Nintendo had purchased the song’s rights and were able to present proof to the plaintiff, effectively ending the case.

Nintendo of America Corporate Affairs spokesperson Charlie Scibetta said in a statement:

A lawsuit filed by Morgan Creek Productions, Inc. against Nintendo of America was recently dismissed. The lawsuit alleged copyright infringement by Nintendo for its use of the song “You’re So Cool” in a Nintendo GameCube television commercial produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett USA, Inc. In response to the lawsuit, Leo Burnett provided Morgan Creek Productions with a copy of a music license entered into between Leo Burnett USA, on behalf of Nintendo of America and Morgan Creek, for licensing of the song. The lawsuit was dismissed by Morgan Creek Productions the following day.

Source: GamePolitics

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