Nintendo Confirms Pokemon Sun and Moon For The 3DS

pokemon sun and moon

Nintendo has confirmed that the next Pokemon games will be Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS.

Ahead of Nintendo’s special Pokemon-focused Nintendo direct today, we caught wind of trademarks and logos being registered for something called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Now, Nintendo has officially confirmed the new games: they are the next generation of Pokemon, and will be released for the 3DS in Holiday, 2016.

Breaking a longstanding Pokemon tradition, Sun and Moon do not appear to be an extended “third game” version of X and Y, and are instead an entirely new generation.

The direct started off with a look back at all of the Pokemon games to date, showing us nostalgia-ridden video of the evolution of the franchise, before talking a (very) little bit about the new games.

We didn’t actually see any pictures or video of the games in action, and the only solid piece of information we were able to discern was that you will be able to transfer Pokemon caught in the new eShop versions of Red, Blue and Yellow to Sun and Moon, the game will have a simultaneous worldwide release, and it will come with two additional new languages (traditional and simplified Chinese).

That’s about it guys. Nintendo pretty much just flashed the logo at us and said it was coming later this year. The direct itself was only 6 minutes long.

Source: Nintendo

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