Nintendo Denies New Wii Remote Tech Plans


Reports suggesting Nintendo is in the market to upgrade and improve its Wii Remote accelerometer technology are being adamantly denied.

With the Wii Motion Plus add-on still in the works to bring true 1:1 motion control to the console and more money to Nintendo’s pockets, the chance of a major overhaul to the Wii Remote hardware itself seems unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. Despite reports indicating the contrary, Nintendo says it will not be courting new manufacturers peddling upgraded accelerometer technology for its Wii Remote controllers.

The Nikkei business technology site Tech-On! recently reported Nintendo has been evaluating motion sensor technology samples gathered from several manufacturers other than Analog Devices Inc. and STMicroelectronics – the current makers of the sensors for the Wii Remote. Some of the samples reportedly being considered would bring improved motion sensing capabilities to the controllers.

Speaking to Edge, a Nintendo spokesperson called the report a mixture of rumor and speculation, and officially denied the company is seeking to upgrade the Wii Remote technology or go with another manufacturer. Of course, Nintendo wants consumers to shell out the extra dough for the Wii Motion Plus peripheral. My guess is it will eventually release a new Wii Remote that incorporates the improved motion sensing technology of the add-on into a single controller. But not before there’s been plenty of time to suck up some more green from your pockets.

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