In an attempt to soften the impact of assertions made in an IGN podcast, Nintendo sought to clarify some of the details surrounding its WiiWare system.

IGN claimed in its podcast that WiiWare titles would face a size ceiling of 40 MB, developers controlled their product’s pricing and could only release one game every month.

A Nintendo official appeared to vaguely affirm the latter two claims, saying that “WiiWare games will come in a range of sizes but we will encourage smaller, more compact games for the service,” and that “we are contemplating that developers will be able to release one game per month during the launch window in order for us to address potential volume issues.”

But he said the company has not publicly revealed who will control the price but added that affordability was the top aim.

The WiiWare system will be Nintendo’s online downloadable game service accessible through the Nintendo Wii console, from which gamers will access small titles released directly by developers.


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