Could this mean we’ll be getting an English release of Miitopia?

Last December, Nintendo announced a positively bizarre 3DS game entitled Miitopia via a special Miitopia direct. The game is essentially a full-blown adaptation of the StreetPass game Quest, and has you gather up miis to stop a diabolical man from stealing your friend’s faces. The game launched in Japan last year, and we haven’t heard any word of a Western release. However, a new trademark filed by Nintendo at the US patent office suggests we may finally be getting the game.

The trademark was listed on February 28, and while it does not nessicsarily guarantee the release of the game (Nintendo keeps refreshing its Eternal Darkness and Wave Race trademarks while showing no signs of bringing back those franchises, it is a good sign. Tomodachi Life, the English-language version of Tomodachi Collection did quite well, for being a similarly-themed bizarre Japanese game.

We have reached out to Nintendo for comment.

Source: DualShockers

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