A Nintendo recruiter was fired for hosting a controversial personal blog.

On August 31, 23-year-old Jessica Zenner, a contractor for Parker Services who worked for Nintendo as a technical recruiter, was released from Nintendo after her bosses discovered her personal blog, Inexcusable Behavior. Although Zenner wrote under the surname “Jessica Carr” and unveiled the identity of her employer, her bosses were still able to find the site and identify Zenner from the pictures she had posted.

Zenner believes that comments related to unnamed coworkers caused her firing, despite her use of false names. In one post titled “The Daily Weed,” Zenner describes the benefits of working for one of her bosses. “One plus about working with [a] hormonal, facial-hair-growing, frumpy [woman] is that I have found a new excuse to drink heavily.”

Now jobless and raising a child on the income from her husband in Iraq, Zenner sees her firing as a sign of the times. “Thank god one of us is working. Ten years ago, someone would never get fired for their blog. This is such a sign of the times.”

Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Perrin Kaplan stated that blogging was not banned by the company but “we generally don’t encourage them. [Zenner] was expressly discouraged from doing what she did. I’ve seen everything that she’s written and it’s really not work appropriate.”

Source: The Stranger

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