A Nintendo Wii U video shows off increased responsiveness and decreased thumb twiddling.

After the Wii U’s launch, one of the issues that surfaced was long loading times and noticeable delays when users attempted to switch between applications on the device. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata promised that an update would be on the way to resolve the issue, and it appears that a fix to shorten loading times will be included in an April update. The company has even released a speed test video on its official YouTube account to show customers what they can look forward to.

In the video, before the update is applied, the console takes its sweet time returning to the home menu after exiting from New Super Mario Bros. U, clocking in at a finger-drumming 20 seconds. After updating the console, the loading time drops to around eight seconds: still a bit of a wait, but cutting loading times by more than half will surely satisfy Wii U owners out there.

The console is also expecting a second update in the summer to decrease loading times when launching software.

Source: Engadget

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