The days of marriage equality in Tomodachi Collection: New Life have apparently drawn to a close.

I won’t pretend to have even heard of Tomodachi Collection: New Life is prior to last Wednesday, when it came to light that a glitch in the Sims-like game had suddenly enabled same-sex marriage between male characters, something that was previously impossible. It was definitely a bug – female characters couldn’t marry other females, and male characters could actually become pregnant – but even so, it was warmly welcomed by many players, some of whom posted images of their newly-married men online.

Sadly, it appears that the fun is over. Nintendo released a patch today which it said would correct a handful of technical issues including, according to Kotaku’s translation, “human relations that become strange.” That is perhaps not the most precise description of same-sex marriage ever and there’s been no confirmation yet that it has actually been eliminated, but it seems clear enough that this isn’t a torch Nintendo is interested in carrying.

Assuming that’s what this is all about, the good news is that Tomodachi Collection players who want to continue with support for gay couples may do so by simply not installing the update. Unfortunately, that will leave them vulnerable to problems they find less agreeable, including an inability to boot the game, inability to save and unspecific error messages – a tough choice that may make letting go of your loving couple unavoidable.

Source: Kotaku

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