Grab seven of Nintendo’s greatest classics for less than a dollar each.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Famicom’s release in Japan, seven NES and SNES titles will go on sale over seven month-long windows. You can pick up the games from the Wii U’s Virtual Console store for just $0.30 USD each. The campaign was announced during the company’s ‘Nintendo Direct’ presentation, but dates were not specified at the time. We now have the full list of each game’s 30-day sale window, which follows:

  • Balloon Fight (NES): January 23 – February 21
  • F-Zero (SNES): February 20 – March 21
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES): March 20 – April 18
  • Kirby’s Adventure (NES): April 17 – May 16
  • Super Metroid (SNES): May 15 – June 13
  • Yoshi (NES): June 12 – July 11
  • Donkey Kong (NES): July 15 – August 13

Owners of the deluxe version of the Wii U will still receive points towards the Digital Deluxe Promotion – 9 points for NES titles and 14 Points for SNES titles. The Digital Deluxe promotion is a kind of ‘reward card’ system, where participants can collect points from game purchases and cash them in for Virtual Console store credit.

At the end of their sale period, each game will return to its regular price: $4.99 – $5.99 for NES titles and $7.99 – $8.99 for SNES titles. Many of the original Wii’s Virtual Console games can be upgraded to Wii U versions, which support off-screen play on the gamepad among other features. Unfortunately, gamers will have to shell out $1 per NES title and $1.50 per SNES title to upgrade their collection.

The NES was released in the United States in 1985. It was released 2 years earlier in Japan, where it was known as the Famicom (Family Computer).

Source: Nintendo

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