Nintendo Still Loves the DS


The 3DS made a big splash at E3 last week but Nintendo says it has no plans to abandon support for the original DS anytime soon.

We all know how it is with technology: Hot and sexy today is old and tired tomorrow. And based on reports from the recent E3, Nintendo’s new handheld 3DS is very hot and very sexy, which means that the old DS sitting on your shelf probably doesn’t shine with quite the same luster it used to. But not to worry, DS owners, because Nintendo says there’s lots of room in its heart for both systems.

“In terms of DS support we’re still very much committed to the platform and to making new and interesting titles for it,” a Nintendo rep told CVG. A number of high-profile game releases are planned for the DS, he added, including “Dragon Quest IX, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Golden Sun, Pokemon Ranger and Mario vs. Donkey Kong – all new titles shown at E3 last week.”

In the six years since the DS was first released, it’s punched out almost 130 million units, a pretty compelling reason to stand behind it. Then again, that’s six years, people. Maybe it’s time to get with the times?

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