Nintendo Stock Doubles In Last Few Months, Now Bigger Than Sony

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The recent lift on console bans in China reportedly has something to do with Nintendo’s stock rise.

You probably wouldn’t believe it based on all the doom and gloom we hear regarding the Wii U, but Nintendo’s stock has been steadily rising over the last few months. Its market capitalization (the total value of all its shares) has doubled to $18.4 billion, edging out Sony, which has dropped to $17.7 billion since last November.

Nintendo, based in Japan, has been trying to make inroads with neighboring China for years, a move that paid off when its stock price rose by 11 percent after China lifted its 14-year console ban. The runaway success of the 3DS is also responsible, as well as investor rumors that Nintendo will shortly announce significant changes to its business model.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Nintendo has more money than Sony, it does mean that the business world values it more. What’s more impressive is that this figure includes the entirety of Sony, which spans several entertainment and electronics divisions. While Sony’s gaming division is going well with strong sales of the PS4, it seems its other divisions are the ones bringing it down.

For comparison, the biggest third party publisher is Activision Blizzard, with $12.7 billion market capitalization, with EA trailing behind at $7.1 billion. Microsoft is in a league of its own at $304.0 billion, although as with Sony, this figure includes all of its businesses and not just the games division.

Source: Metro

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