Third party perhiphreal maker Hori has had multiple Nintendo Switch accessories leaked, including a JoyCon charger, a fight stick, and a game cartridge holder.

Hori is a pretty big name perhiphreal maker for all of the major consoles, and it of course has a full suite of accessories ready-to-go alongside the Nintendo Switch’s launch in March. Twitter user DroidXAce has somehow gotten his hand on some images of these photos, which give us a few more hints and glimpses into exactly how the Switch may function.

Check out some of the more interesting accessories below:

Most noteworthy of these may be a 150 Euro (about $158) arcade stick, suggesting that a big-name fighting game (perhaps Street Fighter V?) will be launching alongside the unit. We can also see plenty of “officially liscence” Zelda: Breath of The Wild accessories, and some cartridge holders that give us a bit of a sense on how big the unit’s cartridges are (looks like they will be about the size of 3DS carts).

Nintendo will give more details on the system at a special presentation this Friday.

Source: Twitter

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