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Good news: the replacement dock is $30 cheaper than before. Bad news: it doesn’t come with any cables.

Last week, Nintendo removed replacement docks for the Nintendo Switch from its official online store. While initially no reason was stated, Nintendo eventually told us that it was simply out of stock. Now, the dock has returned to the store, but with a few notable caveats. First, it’s a full $30 cheaper than the $89.99 it initially retailed for, at just $59.99. But, it no longer comes with any AV or power cables.

This is a shame for those who were hoping to purchase a second dock to store in a second location at their home, or at a friend or family member’s home. As it comes with no cables it is literally just a replacement for your existing dock.

Why would you want to purchase just a replacement dock? Some Switch users are reporting that their docks are “warped”, and are scratching the screens of their consoles when inserted and removed.

As of writing, there is no option to purchase the $89.99 version of the dock that comes with cables.

Source: Nintendo

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