Nintendo Switch OLED Model sales 100 million units sold beats Wii PlayStation 1 PS1 PS4 next

In yet another staggering update, Nintendo sales data has revealed that Nintendo Switch has reached 103.94 million units sold, pushing the console past that monumental 100 million mark. This data, derived from the company’s latest investor report, shows an 11 million-unit increase from the 92.87 million milestone update from three months ago. For perspective, this means Switch has passed the Wii, making it Nintendo’s bestselling home console ever, and it has narrowly outsold Sony’s PlayStation 1 as well. The ongoing Nintendo Switch sales momentum puts it head to head with PlayStation 4 (PS4), which has currently amassed around 117 million sales.

The gap between Switch and PS4 unit sales is closing every day, but as Sony continues to struggle with producing PlayStation 5 consoles amid tech shortages across the globe, PlayStation 4 has received a small second wind. Sony has yet to conclude PlayStation 4 production.

Meanwhile, Switch still needs to sell about 15 million more units to beat out Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and it needs another 50 million more to trump Nintendo DS for sales. But with years to go before the Switch’s life comes to an end, anything is possible.

Like Sony, Nintendo has faced production issues, but the few roadblocks will likely prove largely inconsequential by the time Switch reaches the end of its life. The company launched its Switch OLED model last October, providing another boost to sales. There’s also the possibility that we see that heavily rumored, more powerful Switch model eventually come to fruition. Even without an additional release, though, Switch’s current trajectory signals a positive future for Nintendo.

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