Nintendo thinks your next Call of Duty match should be on the Wii U.


Nintendo’s known more for family-friendly titles like Wii Sports than it is for its hardcore demographic, but Scott Moffit, Nintendo marketing man, says that may be about to change. Nintendo is aiming their new console at everyone, and it wants the Wii U to become the console of choice for hardcore gamers.

Moffit claims that they had too much information to share for just one press event when they went into E3. “We know that Wii U is a more complicated story,” he said, “and it takes some explaining to do to have consumers fully embrace it…Hopefully we didn’t overwhelm!” But he soon staked out Nintendo’s territory, and made it clear that they’re aiming for the hardcore market. “They’re very much part of our audience and the group of consumers we hope will find the way you can reimagine games on the Wii U,” he said, adding “the Wii U could become the preferred way to play those games for some of the core gamers. “

Nintendo sees its intuitive gameplay as a bonus, and doesn’t think it will take consumers long to pick up on the advantages the Wii U has to offer. In Call of Duty, for example, the Wii U would declutter the TV monitor by dragging useful-but-annoying items like maps down off the main viewer. Moffit went out of his way to mention that “core and casual gamers live in the same household,” and Nintendo acknowledges that most households have more than one console. It sees the Wii U as the perfect add-on to that style of living; the ideal second console in a core gaming household.

It also helps that the Wii U is coming out in advance of the next console generation. Nintendo hopes that this lead time will allow it to shape the future of next-gen gaming, giving it an edge in the next console war. Whether it will or not remains to be seen.

Source: Gamespot

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