Nintendo’s Fils-Aime Speaks Out


Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America president, called out the competition as “arrogant”, some reviewers as “hypercritical” and discussed game release plans for Super Mario Galaxy and more.

Presumably taking a shot at Sony, Fils-Aime came out swinging in an interview with MTV. “I do think that highlights a difference between us and our competitors: We’re not arrogant. We don’t view success as a right. We feel we need to earn success every day. And we’re going to do that by being true to the gamer.”

Being true to gamers is a fine ideal, but looking at the release list for the coming months, some gamers worry that Nintendo is falling into the same trap the Gamecube landed itself in, not releasing enough games to appease fans. “I disagree with the comparison,” he said. “I wasn’t here for the GameCube launch, but there was a time period when there were no titles. There wasn’t even titles you could or could not sink your teeth into. ‘Wii Play‘ and ‘WarioWare‘ are going to be hugely fun titles.”

Looking past March, Fils-Aime says to expect the new Metroid and Super Mario Galaxy sometime between March and Christmas, 2007.

Moving on to reviews, Fils-Aime criticized sites like IGN for bing overly harsh on games like Red Steel and Wii Sports. “Does it take you a few minutes to get used to the control scheme? Yes. Once you get used to it does it play extremely well? Absolutely. I think a lot of those reviews are overly harsh,” said Fils-Aime, jumping to Red Steel’s defense. “Just like the, what was it, the IGN review of Wii Sports. They’re negative on the graphics of the game, but we always said what the graphics would be. I think that’s people just being hypercritical.”

After promising online gameplay in early 2007, Fils-Aime alluded to a Virtual Console release of GoldenEye if the stars were to align and various publishers signed on. “Would I love to see it on virtual console? Absolutely. But there are a lot of issues there,” he claimed. “Suffice it to say we would love to see it, so we’re exploring all the rights issues.”

Fils-Aime finished up by promising some special content in the Wii channels before Christmas, but he didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Source: MTV

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