Nissan Debuts New Car In Need For Speed Undercover


Nissan is trying a new kind of roll-out for the new 2009 370Z, debuting the car online in Need For Speed Undercover before it hits the auto show circuit.

Nissan worked closely with Need For Speed Undercover designers to model “the overall look, feel and performance” of the new 370Z, which is the first full redesign of the Z-car since its re-launch in 2003. “Need For Speed is about style, fast-paced action and power,” said Keith Munro, vice president of marketing at EA. “This is definitely a car made for Need For Speed fans.”

“Our relationship with EA has been instrumental in bringing the Nissan brand to a passionate and unique audience,” added Christian Meunier, Nissan’s Vice President of Marketing. “By launching the all-new 2009 Nissan Z first through Need For Speed Undercover, we also gain the spirit and energy that EA gamers experience so strongly. Together with EA, we have truly integrated the all-new 370Z in the overall game experience in a meaningful, multi-layered and profound way.”

In-game advertising is old hat, but this is the first time a car company has premiered a new vehicle on the world market in a videogame. The new Nissan 370Z will make its first real-world appearance on November 19 at the Los Angeles Auto Show and will arrive in dealerships in early 2009, but you can take it for a spin in Need For Speed Undercover, EA’s latest addition to the Need For Speed racing franchise, beginning November 18.

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