No End In Sight For Metal Gear Online Mess

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The launch of the Gene Expansion add-on for Metal Gear Online has caused serious technical issues with the game, forcing Konami to apologize for the mess while admitting there are “no permanent solutions” in sight.

Demand for the expansion pack appears to have gone far beyond Konami’s expectations, crippling its servers and resulting in the closure of the MGO Shop and Reward Shop. In some cases, according to a GamesIndustry report, players have been unable to log into the game at all, and others were reportedly charged for downloadable content they didn’t receive.

Konami initially attempted to relieve the pressure on its servers by blocking random IP ranges for an hour at a time in order to lighten the load, while “Survival” games scheduled to take place over the weekend have been canceled. Despite these efforts, as well as corrections made to overcharged accounts, Konami was forced to admit the problems are ongoing and aren’t expected to be solved right away.

“We have been taking numerous corrective measure since the problems initially started, but unfortunately there are no permanent solutions we can announce at this present moment,” the company said in a statement. “We would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere apologies for the problems that have affected all our customers that have been with us since the Premier Beta back in April. We are currently doing all in our powers to bring a permanent solution to the ongoing problems in the quickest time.”

A “Full Report and Apology” for the issues surrounding the Gene Expansion add-on pack can be read here.

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