No Fallout 4 Announcement at VGX, Says Bethesda

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Sorry, Fallout fans.

Bethesda Softwork’s Peter Hines has taken to Twitter to put an end to rumors that a big, Fallout-related announcement was set to happen during this year’s VGX awards. “I am not going to VGX. Bethesda is not showing/talking about anything at VGX. Just some PR meetings in LA,” he said. “Take deep breaths.”

All of this rumor revolves around the mysterious The Survivor 2299 website that appeared last month with a mysterious timer, and some Fallout references. The timer’s countdown will end during this year’s Spike TV VGX awards, which of course led many people to assume that Bethesda would be making a Fallout 4 announcement at the show.

The rumours were further solidified by a Fallout 4 trademark being filed by Bethesda in Europe, and the website changing to display a cryptic message about Nuclear Winter, another very clear Fallout reference. Some Morse code messages also appeared, which when decoded, revealed even more Fallout 3 references.

Bethesda have yet to confirm or deny the legitimacy of the website, but Hine’s announcement that there is nothing planned for VGX certainly shifts this one over to the “elaborate hoax” column. The company has, however, confirmed that it is hard at work on a “new project” that “looks awesome,” though we have no idea what said project is.

Source: Twitter

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